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What Are the Common Post-Retirement Risks?

September 03, 2021

Upon retiring, there are many risks you might encounter. These can include unexpected medical expenses to threats brought about by inflation. Not only will these jeopardize your retirement plans, but also your financial security.

Considering some of the common risks during retirement will help you plan better and prevent loss of savings. Read on to learn more about retirement risks.

  • Healthcare Costs 

Healthcare cost is one of the biggest retirement risks. Since having maintenance and prescription medications is a likely possibility as you age, it’s vital to have enough funds allotted for them. Having Medicaid or private health insurance can help lessen these costs.

  • Inflation Risks

The value of money decreases over time, so it’s essential to keep inflation in mind when saving for retirement. Failure to do so can affect your financial stability as your retirement years pass. As this situation is uncontrollable, you may opt to invest in assets that are considered good inflation hedges.

  • Longevity of Life

Outliving your savings is another major issue for retirees. Your retirement income has its limits. As you grow older, you are more prone to run out of savings. Since making financial decisions during this time can be difficult, it’s best to get help from a professional. 

  • Public Policy Changes

As time passes, modifications in public policies such as Social Security and Medicaid are inevitable. These may include increase in taxes or reduction of benefits, which put your retirement security at risk. Since we are uncertain of when these will happen, anticipating these changes in retirement planning can be helpful. 

  • Unexpected Family Needs

Unforeseen life events of family members, accidents, and other lifestyle changes can put a financial burden on a retiree. Instances such as covering for a loved one’s medical expenses or paying for tuition might deplete your savings. Because of this, it’s beneficial to factor in the likely need for financial support during your retirement. 

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