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Small Business Planning

Lamkin Wealth Management understands owners of small businesses sometimes face a lot of problems in managing their finances, especially in terms of compensating their employees. We can offer you a complimentary consultation and discuss with you some of our services that can benefit you and the key members of your organization.

Employee Retirement Plans

Even small businesses should plan for the future. In the upcoming years, or perhaps decades, some of the key members of your organization will reach retirement age and leave your workplace for good. When this happens, you should be ready to give them a sufficient retirement benefit. If you still have not developed a sound retirement plan yet, feel free to contact us. We can recommend you the best retirement plans for small business owners with employees who are about to retire. Reach out to us today!

Executive Compensation

Small businesses have key members who contribute a lot to the growth of the organization. These people often handle administrative tasks, and thus, they should be compensated fairly for their work. The challenge for small business owners is how to pay such people. 

Business Continuity Strategies

What many small business owners fail to do is to develop excellent business continuation strategies. Such risk mitigation strategies are devised to ensure that their business will thrive even if the owner and founder is no longer around. 

Speak with us at Lamkin Wealth Management today to learn about comprehensive business continuation strategies that you can try.  

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