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Wealth Planning

Excellent Wealth Planning Programs

Here at Lamkin Wealth Management, founded by Mark Lamkin, we offer comprehensive and client-centered wealth planning services. We aim to help you and your future self when you have already retired from working. Our wealth management advisors can provide you with expert opinions that will guide and help you in making better financial decisions. If you wish to learn more about our wealth management services, feel free to give us a call or contact us through our email. We will be more than happy to assist you.

Financial Planning for Retirement

What many people fail to realize is that they need to plan for their retirement as early as possible. If you start investing as soon as you get your first job, chances are your savings have grown significantly by now. But it's never too late to discuss financial planning for retirement with our wealth management advisors. Feel free to contact us today to learn about the wealth planning advice that we can offer.

Retirement Savings for Women

Although it might not seem apparent by now, a retirement savings shortfall might happen in the next few decades. This kind of retirement crisis will surely affect everyone, but the consequences for women might be more severe. After all, women tend to receive smaller salaries than men, and in effect, they get to save less. Plan ahead for your retirement and mitigate the financial risks of an impending financial crisis. Contact us today to learn about our wealth management services.

Retirement Income Streams

When you reach your retirement age, you have two options to consider: get a lump sum of your retirement benefits or receive income streams. The second option is what many people choose. After all, this allows the retiree to get regular income as if they're still receiving their monthly salaries. Learn more about retirement income streams by speaking with our wealth management advisors. Contact Lamkin Wealth Management today!