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Advance & Protect Strategy

Seeking to Preserve Capital through Active Management

Quick Facts

  • Seeks to preserve capital through active portfolio management rather than a buy and hold strategy. (No strategy, not Buy and Hold or Advance and Protect can assure a profit or protect against a loss.)
  • Managers act on market trends, seeking to have the portfolio Advance when markets are advancing and Protect when markets are declining.
  • Gain access to multiple money managers in several asset classes.

Striving to take Advantage Of Market Trends

Our Advance & Protect Strategy is a managed strategy of mutual funds that take an offensive rather than a defensive approach. Instead of simply buying investments and then holding them in the hope they will keep rising in value, we prefer to carefully watch the markets, spotting trends early and altering the make-up of the portfolio when we see conditions begin to change. In this way we can proactively manage risk, target growth, and preserve capital in all conditions. We believe buy and ignore is not a true investment strategy.*

* No strategy including Advance & Protect can assure a profit or protect from a loss.

A Proactive Philosophy

What sets the Advance & Protect Strategy apart is our active stance. If we spot a long-term trend we think may result in gains, we buy. However, we are happy to sell if we think that trend or overall market trends has run its course, or another holding is better placed to capitalize on it. In a volatile market, this tactical management is key. Rather than reacting to market movements, we anticipate opportunities to potentially take advantage of them. Our goal is to provide real returns and protect your capital, seeking the return you need to achieve. The Advance & Protect Strategy May Be Suitable for Investors who:

  • Have $50,000 to $5 Million to invest and agree to allow discretion in their account*
  • Are looking for an agile strategy that seeks to capture performance while also seeking to preserve assets in a downturn
  • Are tired of a "Buy and Hold" approach that may lack protection in down markets
  • Have a long-term outlook and want more than passive investment management

While there can be no assurance that a "Buy and Hold" or "Advance & Protect" strategy can assure a profit or protect from a loss, we are of the opinion that our strategy can potentially capture returns in today's market.

* Managed or Discretionary accounts allow the advisor to conduct investment transactions inside of your account without same-day, verbal verification of each order. Discretion does not grant the advisor permission to add or withdraw funds to your account itself.

A Rigorous Selection Process

The Advance & Protect Strategy is made up of mutual funds from a range of leading providers, carefully selected through the application of a proprietary process. We begin screening by using the mutual fund families that appear on the highly regarded Recommended Fund List and various industry recommended lists.

The investments identified are then subject to our own proprietary process using an analytical tool that relies on verifiable market data to determine the strength of the underlying investment. This process assists in the decision of whether to buy or sell that particular position for inclusion in the Strategy.

Only mutual funds which score 100 or higher in our "effectiveness rating" are selected for inclusion in the Strategy. These are generally drawn from the following areas:

  • Large-cap growth
  • Mid-cap blend
  • Small-cap value
  • Global bond
  • Real estate
  • Large-cap value
  • Small-cap growth
  • Developed international
  • Emerging markets
  • Natural resources

A Strong Sell Discipline

Our philosophy to buy in an up trend, then sell when our exhaustive research suggests that the trend is waning makes this Strategy more energetic than most, with 2-3 trades per month. It helps us manage risk, and is designed to limit losses in downturns. This past decade there have been years of strong market volatility and many of the market indexes have suffered severe market downturns. We have developed a very attractive management style that addresses the volatility of the markets each week and proactively manages each account using our proprietary systems to reduce that volatility. (No strategy can assure performance or guarantee against losses) In fact, we are not opposed to going 100% cash if markets are in a free-fall.

Ongoing Monitoring

We constantly monitor market trends, looking for potential opportunities. In addition, every six months the mutual funds we already hold are subjected to the same rigorous analysis they faced when they were initially selected. Funds may be replaced based on a variety of factors, such as changes to the Recommended List or other Analyst Picks, portfolio manager changes, or underperformance when compared to their peers.

Investment in Mutual Funds or Any Other Security Involve Risk

Investors should consider their investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the investment company carefully before investing. The prospectus contains this and other information about the investment company. You can obtain a prospectus from your financial representative. Read carefully before investing.