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Women's Wealth

Our Women’s Wealth Division, specializes in helping women investors pursue their financial dreams and preserve their independence.

Women's Wealth Strategic Guidance for Today's Women

Women today live longer than men, and increasingly, more women will become the sole financial decision maker in the household. Our national survey found that achieving financial esteem is over seven times more important for women than accumulating wealth. Women see their investments as a way to protect their families and themselves, not as a "wealth scorecard." We understand. By offering education and knowledge, we help you navigate through life's transitions and help empower you to protect yourself and your legacy.

Our thoughtful, client-centric approach sets us apart. We take the time to listen to you to gain a complete understanding of your unique situation, and help you develop and manage a financial plan and investment strategy tailored to your lifestyle goals and objectives. Our team approach offers the advantage of 90-plus years of combined experience, extensive education, and the services of a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® practitioner dedicated to the highest degree of integrity and ethics.

Because life is constantly changing, we make it a point to maintain regular contact with you so we can proactively respond to changes in your circumstances or priorities. We are committed to providing you with the caring support and strategic guidance you need, in good times and in challenging ones, as you take steps toward the next chapters of your life.